Jean Coutu

Jean Coutu

60 employees
Retail & Pharmacy
Part-time and full-time

With over 20 years' experience in pharmacy management, Jonathan began his career at the age of 18, working for various banners before joining Jean Coutu. This background has enabled him to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare and retail sectors, with a particular focus on HR challenges such as employee retention & engagement.


Increase in punctuality among part-time employees

Personalization = retention

The primary goal for this branch is to uphold a robust and caring culture, coupled with appealing benefits to enhance staff retention and appeal. A key characteristic of this industry is the varied employee demographic, encompassing a range of ages, personal backgrounds, and employment types, including both full-time and part-time positions. It's crucial for a benefits program to acknowledge and smartly address these diverse aspects. This approach is vital not just for retaining staff, but also for motivating a shift in habits that promotes active employee engagement at the workplace.‍

How to increase employee punctuality?

Jonathan has strategically utilized Tedy in his mission to deliver the best possible employee experience. 'We faced a challenge: the lack of punctuality among our part-time team employees, a common issue in the retail sector. Our surveys indicate that Tedy is extremely well-received by our employees. Therefore, we leveraged this strong appeal to decrease employee tardiness by offering early access to Tedy as a reward. Instead of waiting for the standard probation period to access the platform, diligent employees could benefit sooner. This approach proved to be a successful strategy.

Tedy's impact

The anticipated access to Tedy approach proved to be an all-round success, with a 26% increase in employee punctuality among part-time employees. Using Tedy as an incentive not only offers personalized benefits, but also contributes to changing employee habits, helping to create stronger, more committed, and loyal teams.

Tedy is directly responsible for a 26% increase in punctuality among part-time employees.

Jonathan Carrier, Branch Manager, Jean Coutu

Most popular categories among the team

Personal care

Spa session


Pedicure and manicure

Facial care

Hygienic products


Streaming platforms

Consoles, video games and online gaming services

Board games and role-playing

Eye care

Sight test

Prescription glasses

Prescription contact lenses

Prescription sunglasses

Laser eye surgery

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