Easy to use and flexible yet powerful

Tedy enables employers to effortlessly create a wellness experience through benefits and recognition features in just minutes, without any administrative burden and with zero complexity.

How it works

Create your account online

Follow our simple steps to get Tedy up and running. Remember, you can try it for free at any time, with no obligation, no contracts, and no complicated setups.

How it works

Pick your categories

Select one or many categories that your team can enjoy. You have the flexibility to change these categories at any time, organize them into different “wallets,” and assign them to specific individuals, teams, or locations. The choice is yours.

How it works

Define your budgets

Easily set an allocation for your single or multiple category wallets. Allocations can be monthly, yearly, recurrent, cumulative, renewable, etc. There's no minimum or maximum allocation amount — you decide what's best for your organization's needs.

How it works

Invite your employees

Invite your employees to Tedy by adding them manually one by one, or in bulk with a CSV file. Upon receiving their invitation, they'll be able to set up their Tedy employee account in just a few minutes, guaranteed.

How it works

Pay only for what your employees use

With Tedy, you only pay for the services your employees use. It's a real-time wellbeing platform that processes claims based on your selected categories and allocation settings. Expect no unpleasant surprises, only benefits.

How it works

Ready, set, relax!

Once your employees are onboarded onto the platform, we handle everything from claim processing and refunds to support. Your employees will enjoy a personalized wellbeing program without any hassle on your part.

Employee recognition done right

No more gift cards or complicated points systems. Our recognition module is directly linked to our 20 categories, thus giving full choice to your teams.

Recognition scenarios

From work anniversaries and goal achievements to employee referrals and newborn celebrations, Tedy offers the flexibility to honor your team across a wide range of scenarios. Choose from our predefined options or craft your own to suit your team's unique spirit and achievements.

Rewarding the right way

Tired of generic gift cards or convoluted points systems for acknowledging excellent work or milestones? We are too. That's precisely why our recognition system is directly connected to 20 categories you can select from, making it highly personal.

Empowering managers

Allocate specific budgets to managers for their team's recognition and engagement initiatives. Tedy's simplicity guarantees memorable acknowledgments, providing managers with a powerful, user-friendly platform for tangible results.

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Your team's wellness insights

Tedy provides real-time insights that enable employers to understand their team's passions, values, and interests. Become a more thoughtful employer by anticipating future needs and gaining access to valuable data on your team's well-being KPI's.

Real-time analytics

Most popular & trending categories

Employee tenure & lifetime

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS®) -coming soon

Organization values tracker -coming soon

Return on wellness engagement (ROWE®) -coming soon

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How about a little virtual coffee? Discover how Tedy can boost your benefits and energize your corporate culture.

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