Tedy in 10 reasons

From unmatched flexibility in benefits management to a unique competitive edge that sets your company apart, Here are the top ten reasons why Tedy stands out as the premier choice for organizations looking to elevate their employee experience.

Unmatched flexibility

Tedy revolutionizes flexibility in benefits management, offering unprecedented control beyond traditional Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or wellness programs. Employees and employers can customize categories, allocations, and segments for a truly personalized experience.

Predictable and controlled costs

Tedy streamlines financial planning with clear, manageable budgets through real-time tracking and transparent allocation views. This ensures cost optimization, as expenses are incurred only for services utilized.

Elevated benefits and employee recognition

Tedy goes beyond standard benefits, celebrating milestones such as work anniversaries, achievements, or family events with easy recognition and rewards on a unified platform.

Comprehensive employee insights

Discover what drives your team with Tedy's detailed analytics on employee motivations, enabling the design of more compelling benefits and informed decision-making through engagement and satisfaction metrics.

Simplified self-service and automation

Reduce administrative tasks with Tedy's automated processes for claims, reimbursements, and support, focusing on enhancing team wellness.

Adding fun to wellness

Tedy makes wellness enjoyable, offering diverse options from streaming services to fitness activities, enriching wellness choices with enjoyment.

Memorable all year long

Tedy enhances company culture by encouraging ongoing engagement, fostering a sense of belonging, and nurturing a positive workplace.

Guaranteed confidentiality and security

With a commitment to privacy, Tedy ensures the security of claim information and adheres to the highest standards in payment processing, safeguarding transaction integrity.

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

Tedy relies on a simple and straightforward usage-based pricing, eliminating unexpected costs or long-term commitments.

Unique competitive advantage

Tedy differentiates your company by aligning benefits with employee interests, boosting satisfaction and retention, and offering a distinctive edge in the competitive landscape.

Customer success stories

Tedy is directly responsible for a 26% increase in punctuality among part-time employees.
60 employees
Retail & Pharmacy
Part-time and full-time
Jean Coutu L'Île-Perrot
Tedy helped us increase our team's engagement and mobilization by 38% in just 3 months.
50 employees
Diversified team
Our 5 key values blend perfectly with the flexibility and customization options offered by Tedy.
25 employees
Customized benefits
Tedy has enabled us to move from employee benefits to a personalized wellness experience.
50 employees
Software development
Strong culture
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How about a little virtual coffee? Discover how Tedy can boost your benefits and energize your corporate culture.

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