Say goodbye to the “one size fits no one” approach. Say hello to personalized benefits.

Tedy revolutionizes wellness, offering customizable benefits & recognition features that align with your company values. It enables a unique benefits experience, providing control, flexibility, and a way to genuinely care for your employees.


Veterinary fees

Animal accessories


Walking service


Mental health

Consultation with a psychologist

Consultation with a psychotherapist

Consultation with a psychiatrist not covered by government plan

Personal care

Spa session


Pedicure and manicure

Facial care

Hygienic products


Airline tickets

Train or bus tickets

Suitcases and travel bags

Hotel rooms and chalet rentals

“I totally love Tedy and how super flexible it is!”

Jonathan D.

people reaching over to grab a slice of pizza

Baby accessories

Maternity equipment

Family activities

Eye care

Sight test

Prescription glasses

Prescription contact lenses

Prescription sunglasses

Laser eye surgery



Fashion and accessories


Individual coverage

Individual life insurance premium

Individual disability insurance premium

Individual critical illness insurance premium

Individual travel insurance premium

“Totally makes me feel happy and looked after by my boss.”

Andres R.

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Dental care


Cleaning & maintaining



Local or regional anaesthesia

Active life

Sports equipment

Outdoor equipment

Fitness equipment


Registration for a sports competition


Streaming platforms

Consoles, video games and online gaming services

Board games and role-playing

Automotive services

Oil change

All repair costs

Roadside assistance programme

“My employer cares about what I care. Tedy all the way!”

Marisol S.

two men standing next to each other in a room
Culinary subscriptions

Ready-to-cook subscriptions

Food basket subscriptions

Subscriptions for coffee, fruit, etc

Home services

Housekeeping service

Snow removal service

Landscaping service

Home Care Service

Professional services

Lawyer's fees

Accountant's fees

Notary fees

Arts & culture

Music shows

Comedy shows

Theater tickets

Museum tickets

Movie theater tickets

“Five stars all the way.”

Erika S.

a woman smiling

Professional training

Mentoring or tutoring

Music lessons

Art Courses

Book club

Paramedical care

Occupational therapy

Massage therapy



Over-the-counter medicines

Public transport

Individual, grouped, weekly or monthly tickets

Fees related to the issuance of an access card

Remote work

Computer accessories

Internet and cellular packages

Office furniture

Office supplies

“Tedy pays for all my streaming subscriptions :-)”

Dan L.

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