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How about a little virtual coffee? Discover how Tedy can boost your benefits and energize your corporate culture.

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How about a little virtual coffee? Discover how Tedy can boost your benefits and energize your corporate culture.

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Startups & small teams 💪


Up to 20 employees

Per month

Unlimited usage, no additional fees

Health, wellness & lifestyle programs

Employee Recognition features

Employee insights dashboard

Employee groups & labels

Automated reports

Online Support

Hassle-free automated onboarding

Growing SMBs 🚀


21 to 100 employees

Per employee, per month


101 to 250 employees

Per employee, per month

+5% claim processing fee

All Startup & Small teams features, plus:

Unlimited wellness & recognition programs

Human onboarding

Dedicated account manager

Enterprise 🏢

Contact our sales team for a bespoke package tailored for your team.

All SMB features, plus:

Custom features

Advanced integrations

Custom reporting

Core features

Full well-being platform

Custom benefits creation

20 categories to choose from

Advanced Recognition features

Employee insights dashboard

Employee tagging and bulk upload

Partner rewards and perks

Add-ons capacity

Fast & helpful support

Virtual care add-on (for a fee)

Claim processing and reimbursement

Credit card or banking account funding

Automatic financial reports

Hassle-free interac transfer for employee reimbursements

Virtual care add-ons


Per employee, per month

Virtual access to a doctor in less than 2 hours

Unlimited number of consultations

Prescriptions for medicines and referrals to specialists

Employee Assistance Program

Per employee, per month

Care ambassador support

Legal, financial, nutritional and mental health advice

Guided online learning therapy

Telemedicine + EAP

Per employee, per month

Access to both services on the same application


Got questions? We have answers! Feel free to chat with our team at any moment for inquiries related to Tedy in your business. You can also consult our updated FAQ to find answers to the most common questions.

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Get in touch

Tedy is a well-being and employee engagement platform that allows employers to create a customized program of social benefits and recognition. Everything is done according to your budgetary parameters and the values of your company. You have total control over the allocations and the categories included in your social benefits program. The best part? You can create your social benefits program in 15 minutes or less, without a contract, without commitment. Employees love the unmatched personalization of social benefits offered through its 20 categories.

Absolutely! Tedy offers a powerful recognition module that allows employers to spontaneously or plannedly acknowledge a success, a goal achieved, or even an important date for an employee. Much better than traditional gift cards or point systems, you can reward your employees by offering them the freedom to choose what they are truly passionate about, whether it's a gym membership or a ticket to their favorite comedian's show. Rest assured, they will find something to their liking and be grateful.

No, Tedy is not an insurance. It is a SAAS (Software as a Service) type software that allows an employer to allocate funds to their team to be reimbursed for expenses according to their individual needs within the categories chosen by the employer.

Tedy's pricing follows a software subscription model, with a fixed rate per employee per month, for total cost predictability. There is no commission on the amounts allocated to your employees. You keep control to choose the number of employees on the platform, whether it's the 20 employees at the head office or the 40 at the factory. Visit our rates section for more details.

No, there is no minimum amount. You decide. Tedy allows you to set up a program that respects your budgetary reality, as well as the frequency of accumulation of amounts, whether monthly or annually. You are in charge.

As you will have understood, you decide again. You can choose the number of categories to activate, whether it's one or all the available categories, the price remains the same! You can even group specific categories for different teams, such as your part-time or full-time employees. You enjoy unparalleled flexibility with Tedy. Here is the list of currently available categories.

You can schedule automatic allocations on a monthly and/or annual basis. Additionally, through the recognition module, you can add spontaneous and one-time amounts to your team's wallet (or a specific employee) to acknowledge an achievement, an important date, or the attainment of a goal, for example.

Tedy operates like an expense account. When you allocate an amount to your employees, this amount is "virtual" and you don't have to disburse it until it is used. It is only when an employee makes a claim approved by Tedy that the amount is deducted from you to be then reimbursed to the employee. If the employee doesn't spend, you don't disburse, which is excellent for your cash flow.

When a claim is made by an employee, Tedy takes care of everything. The platform ensures an analysis of the claim and its eligibility. If approved, your employees will receive their reimbursement directly into their account via an Interac transfer. Thus, no need for special payments or to overburden your accounting team.

You choose. Tedy allows you to configure a deadline to use the available allocations. You can choose not to activate this function, in which case, unused amounts are simply carried over to the following year.

You can withdraw or plan the withdrawal of an employee in a few clicks. If an employee is removed and there is an amount left in their account, this amount simply disappears, as it will never be debited to the employer. It is up to the employer to decide whether access to Tedy is removed at the time of the departure announcement or at the actual time of the employee's departure.

No. Since Tedy is not a group insurance plan, you are not required to include all your employees. You can use Tedy for a business unit, a specific team, a different office, or for the entire company. You decide.

However, if you subscribe to our telemedicine options like Telus Health or the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you will need to include all your employees.

Yes. All reimbursements processed via Tedy represent taxable benefits, including health expenses. Tax-wise, the amounts reimbursed to your employees are equivalent to a salary bonus. Tedy produces real-time usage reports, facilitating the

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