How to recruit in a labour shortage

May 10, 2023

How to recruit in a labour shortage

The health crisis has only made the labour shortage worse. How can employers successfully recruit qualified employees? At the beginning of 2020, the labour shortage was at its peak. One health crisis later, and the situation has worsened further: 150,000 vacancies remain in Quebec today.

The Conseil du Patronat du Québec even revealed that half of its members had to refuse a contract in the last year because of a lack of manpower.

As an employer, how can you get the best out of the game?

Here are three ways in which you, as employers, can innovate your recruitment strategy and attract new talent to your business.

Reinventing workplace benefits

For many, the transition to telework has been rather abrupt. While most companies have been able to adapt, the same cannot be said for the benefits of the workplace.

Free coffee, ergonomic workspaces, fruit bowls, yoga classes at lunchtime... In moving quickly from a traditional model to a remote working model, many employees have lost out.

It is therefore important to find ways to implement these benefits at a distance. Subscription to goodies delivery services, reimbursement for certain physical activities, agreements with wellness partners... Your only limit is your creativity!

Broadening the definition of benefits

Often, when we think of benefits, we think of a group insurance plan. Although generally appreciated by employees, group insurance is rather limited. Here's why:

  • It does not reflect the full needs of your employees
  • Its structure is often rigid
  • Programme choices are often limited

Health and wellness is more than just a visit to the massage therapist or dentist. To stand out from the crowd, you need to redefine the concept of benefits and go beyond simple group insurance. Why not offer an expense account for sports activities? Or develop agreements with suppliers to offer discounts to your employees on courses and activities related to their well-being?

Rather than offering benefits to your employees, offer a culture of wellbeing that encompasses different aspects of physical and mental health.

Rewarding good work

Experts agree: recognising and rewarding the achievement of a goal is a great way to increase the sense of belonging and motivation of your employees.

It is important to have a clear and consistent system of goals and rewards. To achieve this, make sure :

  • That your employees understand and agree with the objectives
  • Be open to suggestions for adjusting these objectives
  • That the rewards are commensurate with the efforts required

As for the nature of these rewards, you have several options. Money is always appreciated. However, make sure there is a clear link between the achievement of an objective and the reward, so a vague year-end bonus is not always the best way to stand out as an employer.

Fortunately, Tedy is the ideal platform to adopt all three strategies. With its flexible platform, Tedy takes you beyond traditional benefits and allows your employees to invest in their well-being in their own way.

Are you wondering how to reward your employees? With Tedy, you can modulate and enhance the expense account individually to highlight good works.

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