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Customized benefits

Oatbox distinguishes itself as a specialist in the creation and distribution of food products derived from Canadian oats. Their beverages and snacks are widely accessible in major grocery chains throughout the country and also online. As a rapidly expanding enterprise, Oatbox prioritizes the well-being of its employees as a central part of its mission. Discover how Oatbox and Tedy collaborate to cultivate an employee experience that resonates with the company’s values and culture.

Two companies in one

Oatbox's primary HR challenge is to manage its rapid growth while maintaining its unique culture and ensuring employee well-being. Amidst a competitive job market, the company emphasizes attracting and retaining talent, especially in Montreal and at its new Saint-Damase factory. Oatbox highly values professional development, particularly in a setting where every role is distinct. The company is dedicated to providing a work-life balance and versatile social benefits with real value, catering to both urban employees at the headquarters and those in the factory in rural regions.

Many sizes fits one

Tedy played a key role in managing Oatbox's HR challenges, focusing on promoting the company's culture and employer brand, crucial elements in attracting and retaining talent. Personalizing the employee experience has enabled Oatbox to take into account the individual preferences of its team, and has fostered a flexible approach to compensation, contributing to a healthy work-life balance. Telemedicine services offered via Tedy centralized wellness vectors under one roof, reducing the administrative burden associated with managing such benefits.

A matter of values

"Our values: Together, Balance, Karma, Resourcefulness and Audacity are rooted in our DNA. They guide not only our business practices, but also the caring we show to our team. People recognize themselves in Tedy. It's an important tool, both for managing our benefits and for ensuring better team recognition," says Katia Plourde, HR Manager at Oatbox.

Our 5 key values blend perfectly with the flexibility and customization options offered by Tedy.

Katia Plourde, Business Partner, HR

Most popular categories among the team

Active life

Sports equipment

Outdoor equipment

Fitness equipment


Registration for a sports competition


Airline tickets

Train or bus tickets

Suitcases and travel bags

Hotel rooms and chalet rentals

Remote work

Computer accessories

Internet and cellular packages

Office furniture

Office supplies

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