50 employees
Diversified team

Stay22, which specializes in technology solutions for the travel industry, offers a location-based interactive map to help travelers and event attendees find accommodations that meet their needs. The company also provides valuable insights to event organizers and ticketing platforms, sharing information about their customers' accommodation preferences. With impressive growth of around 200%, Stay22 is facing new opportunities and challenges, particularly with regard to the well-being of its diverse team.


Increase in engagement and mobilization in just 3 months

Mobilizing a diverse team

Stay22's international component means that its team is spread across the globe. The company relies on a caring approach with its employees, giving them access to a genuine benefits program that takes into account their needs and passions, no matter where they are in the world. But that's not the only challenge: Stay22's employee demographics are diverse; the team is becoming more multicultural, multigenerational, and to an extent, multicontextual, with people at different life stages. Although people adhere to common values, they express these values in personal and individual terms when it comes to benefits and recognition.‍

Become a recognition champion

Tedy's versatility and ease of use ensure additional recognition opportunities for the team without having to deal with dull gift cards, or complicated points systems, which have little perceived value and are very impersonal. Tedy is concrete, tangible and personal for everyone. This ease of management offered by Tedy has enabled Stay22 to focus on its growth while putting the well-being and recognition of its employees first. The ability to choose from 18 benefit categories ensures that there's something for everyone, whether in Moscow or Toronto, and whether you're still a student or a new parent.

Tedy brings people together

"Tedy's impact on our team's happiness is undeniable. It's a solution that allows us to play a proactive role in recognition, without investing a lot of hours or getting lost in complex recognition systems that have little value for the employee. The ease of adding new team members and organizing them by office is a considerable advantage. This type of employee tagging not only personalizes the experience for each individual, but also for workgroups or by country, which is simply fantastic," says Andrew, President.

Tedy helped us increase our team's engagement and mobilization by 38% in just 3 months.

Andrew Lockhead, President and Co-founder

Most popular categories among the team


Veterinary fees

Animal accessories


Walking service



Airline tickets

Train or bus tickets

Suitcases and travel bags

Hotel rooms and chalet rentals

Remote work

Computer accessories

Internet and cellular packages

Office furniture

Office supplies

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