50 employees
Software development
Strong culture

Thirdbridge was founded in 2012 by four close friends while still at university. In its early days, the company made its mark developing apps and games for mobile devices. Today, the company is a leader in technology development and stands out as a key partner in innovation.

Growing culture, growing business

One of the main challenges facing the company is to preserve and promote its unique culture as it grows. With its fifty or so employees, Thirdbridge has succeeded in creating a culture that is warm, family-oriented and innovation-driven. This taste for innovation is also evident in the way the company approaches the notion of well-being for its team. To meet the unique needs of each individual while ensuring the continuity of its corporate culture, it had become a priority to adapt to employees' new benefits expectations, with a strong personalization component.

The impact of personalization

Tedy has enabled Thirdbridge not only to offer a truly personalized wellness experience to its employees, but also to do so in line with the company's culture and values. Employees now have the opportunity to choose from a variety of benefits in line with their passions and life priorities, enhancing their engagement and job satisfaction. Ensuring optimal personalization of the employee experience requires time and dedication, resources that are often scarce in fast-growing companies. "One of Tedy's positive side effects has been to simplify benefits management, reducing the administrative burden on our management team and providing key insights into our employees' needs and interests," says Pierre-Étienne Bousquet, President.

Concentrating on what truly matters : people

Thanks to tedy, Thirdbridge has succeeded in maintaining its corporate culture while growing. The personalization of benefits has met employee expectations, strengthening their loyalty to the company through a caring experience that takes their needs into account. The efficiency gained from using Tedy enables the company to concentrate more on its core priorities: continued growth and the well-being of its team.

Tedy has enabled us to move from employee benefits to a personalized wellness experience.

Marie-Soleil Pinto, Talent and Culture Manager

Most popular categories among the team

Active life

Sports equipment

Outdoor equipment

Fitness equipment


Registration for a sports competition


Streaming platforms

Consoles, video games and online gaming services

Board games and role-playing

Remote work

Computer accessories

Internet and cellular packages

Office furniture

Office supplies

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